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Ampere is a very useful tool to find out the voltage you'll need to charge your battery. This means you can figure out if your old charger still works or if you should change it in order to recharge your device in a safer and more efficient way.

The information Ampere provides can vary depending on whether you're connected to a power source, but generally it can tell you the status of the battery, current battery percentage, technology used in its manufacture, temperature, model, device version, and IP address. If your device is charging, the application can also tell you the voltage coming from the power source to which you are connected.

After a pre-scan, you can see the amp-hours your device is receiving when it's connected and how much it's consuming without it. With this data, you can calculate the mA you need to charge your battery at a normal rate.

When the device is not connected, you'll see the value as a negative number. To charge it, you need a difference of at least 200 mA. So, for example, if your device consumes 300 mA, you'll need a charger that gives you at least 500mA if you want to use the device as it charges. The less energy you have, the less efficient the charging method.
Check if your charger works properly with Ampere

Lots of people think when it comes to charging your smartphone it’s fine to use any old charger you have at home. Grave mistake. Each connector provides a different electrical current that effects the amount of time it will take the battery to get back to 100% capacity. Ampere is a free Android app to find out the entry voltage on your device when it’s connected to an electrical network, as as well as its average consumption when it’s running on battery, which makes it an ideal indicator to check your current charger.
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